Low Carb Monte Christo Sandwich

Low Carb Monte Christo Sandwich 🥪🥚

Carb Monte Christo Sandwich
Carb Monte Christo Sandwich

2 slices carbonaut baking seeded multigrain bread
1 egg
Sliced peppered turkey breast
Sliced Black Forest ham
Sliced prosciutto (pan fried)
2 tsp boursin_canada dairy free garlic and herbs plant based spread
Grated sharp white cheddar (ie traderjoes unexpected cheddar or kerry gold usa reserve cheddar)

In a shallow dish whip your egg, set aside. Spread your garlic and herb Boursin on one slice of bread. Then layer with cheese, prosciutto, ham, turkey, and another slice of bread. Dip both outside edges of the sandwich into the egg to coat.

Preheat a fry pan to medium heat and sear both sides of the sandwich until the egg is cooked and cheese inside is melted. Slice and serve with a light dusting of swerve sweetie powdered sugar substitute. Serve with good good brand no sugar added Concord grape jelly for dipping.

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