The Best Way to Put in a Trash Disposal in Your Kitchen

Way to Put in a Trash Disposal

One of the best ways to keep your kitchen smelling fresh and avoid plumbing problems is to use a garbage disposal. See how easy it is to put in a trash disposal.

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When Should You Use a Garbage Disposal?

There is less potential for pipe drain damages from food flowing down the lines, less trash being formed from leftovers, and less stench coming from decaying food in the kitchen when a garbage disposal is present.mIf people are interested in attempting a DIY installation, they should be familiar with the process and the components required for a successful outcome.

The differences between the many types of PVC pipe and fittings that may be purchased in the plumbing section of a home improvement store.

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How to set up a waste disposal unit

  • Using a wrench, remove the P-trap in the end of the tail pipe.
  • Minimize the P-trap using a hacksaw at its escape point from the cabinets which is usually the side or rear. Keep a bucket beneath the P-trap to catch any sludge or debris that has settled into the plumbing system.
  • Using a wrench, remove the sink’s stopper and exhaust pipe from the underside of the sink.
  • Remove any accumulated old putty from the sink top.
  • To install the new sink flange, line the drain opening with plumber’s putty.
  • Fasten the sink flanges to the countertop from underneath. Some types have a plastic ring that is fastened by hand, while others have three screws that may be adjusted with a screwdriver.
  • Most trash disposals include a knockout hole at the bottom that the dishwashing hose may be threaded through to drain.

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  • Fasten the mounting ring of the trash to the flange of the sink. It normally only twists on and may be tightened with a hand.
  • The P-trap should then be linked. New sewer lines ought to be run as well as connected, since the drain line hole is often located on the exterior of the disposal.
  • If installing a new P-trap, make sure all the fittings are properly sealed.
  • Turn on the water and look for leaks.
  • Connect the disposer onto an electrical socket or ask an electrician to link the disposal to electricity.