S’mores Protein Pancake Donuts Dish

S’mores protein pancake donuts 🍫🍩

S’mores Protein Pancake Donuts
S’mores Protein Pancake Donuts

2 cups flourish pancakes chocolate protein pancake mix
7 oz silk cashew milk
2 oz nut pods toasted marshmallow almond coconut creamer
1 egg
2 tbsp donia farms sea salted butter

1/2 cup lilys_sweets sugar free dark chocolate chips
2 tsp nutiva butter flavour coconut oil

2 love max sweets sugar free collagen+mct vanilla marshmallows, chopped into halves or quarters and roasted with a hand torch
1 crushed graham cracker

Preheat your oven to 375°f. In a large bowl mix you milk and egg. Add the pancake mix and stir to combine. Add your butter and stir to incorporate. Pour into a large measuring cup with a spout. Pour into a donut baking pan and bake for 10min (or until you can poke with a skewer and it comes out clean). Flip out onto a cooking rack.

As your donuts cool microwave your glaze ingredients in 30 sec intervals until fully melted. Dip each donut in your glaze and top with marshmallows and graham crackers. Best enjoyed fresh.

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