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Small Sugar Free Batch Orange Curd

Sugar free batch orange curd 🍊

Sugar Free Batch Orange Curd
Sugar Free Batch Orange Curd

2 tbsp lakanto monk fruit sweetener
1/3 cup fresh squeezed navel orange juice
1/2 of a large orange’s zest
1 egg
2 tsp donia farms sea salt butter

In a bowl whisk your egg until it starts to froth. Set aside. In a small pot over medium temp heat your sweetener, orange zest, and juice whisking until the sweetener dissolves. Take your egg and begin whisking while slowly pouring your orange juice mixture into it.

Make sure to keep whisking the whole time and to add the juice slowly as not to curdle or cook the egg. Once all juice has been added and is fully incorporated pour the egg/juice mixture back into the pot over med-low heat. Add your butter and whisk constantly until the butter melts and the whole mixture thickens (approx 3-5min).

You can pour the mixture through a sieve at this point to strain out the zest but I did not. Pour into a small bowl or jar and let the curd cool to room temp. Then refrigerate at least a few hours (I prefer overnight) before serving.

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Dinner Recipes

Dinner Recipes

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