Airfryer Breakfast Spring Rolls Turkey Sausages

Spring Rolls Turkey Sausages🥚

Spring Rolls Turkey Sausages
Spring Rolls Turkey Sausages

9 lily dale canada turkey sausages (casing removed)
6 eggs
2 handfuls fresh spinach
1/2 cup grated sharp white cheddar (ie trader joes unexpected cheddar or kerry gold usa reserve cheddar)
1/2 a jalapeño diced
1/4 tsp diamond crystal salt kosher salt
Fresh cracked pepper
9 spring roll wrappers
chosen foods garlic avocado oil spray

In a large fry pan cook you sausage breaking into chunks. Once cooked set aside on a plate to cool. In the same fry pan scramble your eggs seasoning with salt and pepper. Set aside to cool. Split your sausages and eggs into 9 equal piles to prepare for assembly.

When ready to assemble take a spring roll wrapper and dip each corner into water. Place the wrapper on your counter in a diamond shape. Place your filling onto the bottom corner of the wrapper, leaving about 1½ inches of space from the bottom point. Your filling is a layer of spinach, cheese, jalapeño, 1/9 of the sausage, and then 1/9 of the egg. Fold the bottom point over the filling making sure it’s tight to the filling, then fold both edges in to create an envelope like shape.

Continue to roll the wrapper toward the top point pressing the top corner to seal. Place in the air fryer. Repeat with the remaining wrappers and filling. I air fryer two layers using a removable shelf. Spray both layers of rolls with garlic avocado oil. Air fry at 400°f for 9 minutes. Rotate the two layers of rolls as well as flip them over. Air fry for another 5 min. Remove the top layer and air fry the bottom layer another 1-2 min.

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