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Chunky Monkey Yogurt Parfait with Homemade Trail

Chunky monkey yogurt parfait with homemade trail mix 🥜🍌🍫

Chunky Monkey Yogurt Parfait
Chunky Monkey Yogurt Parfait

Recipe to – Thank you to my lovely neighbour Sandy for sharing the wonderful chewy dehydrated banana recipe that inspired this parfait🍌

1 cup oikos_canada 0%mf plain Greek yogurt
2 tsp honey bee centre manuka honey
2 tbsp pb2foods powdered peanut butter
1/2 a sliced banana
1/3 cup chunk monkey trail mix (recipe below)

Mix yogurt with peanut butter and honey. Layer yogurt with banana and trail mix.

Chunky monkey trail mix:
1/3 cup unsalted roasted peanuts
3 dehydrated bananas
1/2 cup lilys_sweets sugar free dark chocolate chips
4 tbsp roasted pumpkin seeds
1/4 cup living intentions activated granola
1/4 cup made good foods cocoa brown rice crisps cereal

Cut your bananas into chunks, lay out on dehydrator trays and dehydrate at 135°f for 10-12 hours (or until desired consistently is reached). Allow to cool. Mix with peanuts, chocolate, seeds, rice cereal, and granola.

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Dinner Recipes

Dinner Recipes

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